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Kathy Cadieux’s Retirement

Time to Move On She started a successful business more than three decades ago with $100 in her purse and a handful of dried flowers. Kathy Cadieux, owner and founder of Creative Elegance Boutique, never wished or dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. “It just happened,” she says. Born and raised in Camp Hill, Kathy yearned to leave the region she called home after graduating from high school. “Ironically, I returned, smack dab in the center of the town I longed to leave,” she laughs. “The grass isn’t always greener.” After graduating from Camp Hill High School, she received a swimming athletic scholarship at the University of Miami. “I loved, loved, loved swimming!” she says. “But when I was training for the 1976 Olympics, something didn’t feel right. I still liked to swim, but I didn’t want to swim at such a competitive level.” Kathy transferred to James Madison University her Continue Reading

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